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Materials : Raw Hides and Skins.
Production : Butts, shoulders, bellies, backs, belts, culata, fronts.
Species : Cows, Oxen, Bulls. Our activities Our products

FederPellami - Our activities.

HIDES and SKINS – Our highly efficient team of 20 people is at your disposal to satisfy your needs.

Since its creation in 1922, Federpellami SpA has expanded and adapted to the market.

Federpellami's main activity is the cutting of salted bovine hides from various origins : France, Finland, Ireland and other European countries.

The hides are cut and processed to obtain :

Federpellami S.p.a., is a commercial company specialized in raw hides of European Origin.
We are regular suppliers of East European hides and calfskins, mainly from Poland and the Baltic area and we have our own warehouse in Poland located in the surroundings of Varsaw.

Les Cuirs de l'Ouest - Our activities Our highly-specialised cutting equipment and refrigerated storage facilities ensure optimum preservation and quality of our deliveries. We export to a large number of countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.

Top grade hides and skins

Top grade hides and skins FederPellami - Our activities

Federpellami Spa specialises in the cropping of fresh salted hides and skins
of European origin.

The company markets butts, shoulders, bellies, backs, culata and fronts, all cut from hides that are entirely machine flayed.

60% of the production (butts, shoulders and bellies) is exported all over the world, in particular to France, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Greece, China, India etc.

A new entity has just been launched in Poland : Federpellami Poland.
Therefore we can supply directly from our warehouse : East European hides are now available for customers on demand.